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Czech Rowing Association, World Rowing, 2024 World Indoor Rowing Championships Organizing Committee

Event Description

Word Rowing Indoor Championships

The 2024 World Rowing Indoor Championships (WRICH), presented by Concept2, scheduled for 23 and 24 February 2024is a hybrid event that will also host the European Rowing Indoor Championships (ERICH).


This is an exciting opportunity for indoor rowing enthusiasts from across Europe to race the best in the World! The 2024 event features a hybrid competition, offering 15 virtual competitors (per race category) the opportunity of racing in-person athletes for a WRICH title in Prague – in real time. European athletes may alsorace “in-person” for both Championships.


The second edition of the exciting VERSA Challenge will also take place. Some of the world‘s best athletes will race in Prague in an exciting mix of events, that will crownWorld Rowing`s VERSA champion.In an exciting innovation, World Rowing will also invite up to two “wild card” entrants for both men and women. The search is on to attract iconic athletes from any sport – from across the globe – to race against Rowing`s best!


European Rowing Indoor Championships

The European Rowing Indoor Championships (ERICH) is ONLY open to in-person entries. 


The ERICH will be mergedwithin the World Rowing Indoor Championships. Competitors will make one entry that automatically enters them for the WRICH and the ERICH. There will be no dedicated European Championship only events.


Note: European based athletes or teamswho qualify for one of the 15 virtual WRICH qualification places, will not be eligible for a European Championship medal – or ranking–and will only be eligible for a WRICH medal/ranking.For more details, please refer to the sections below on See medals & Championships information below.

Event Description

All athletes are required to read and accept the Commitment & Liability Waiver form.

By making an entry in the WRICH event (whether virtual or in-person), you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in that document.